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Lal Kitab 1939 In Hindi.pdf |VERIFIED|

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How to display which node of Spring Data Rest has been deleted?

I would like to know how can I display which node of Spring Data REST has been deleted?
I’ve tried to do this:
@RepositoryRestResource(excerptProjection = EpcProjection.class)
public interface EpcRepository extends CrudRepository {
@RestResource(path = «epcs», rel = «findEpcsByEpcId»)
List findEpcsByEpcId(@Param(«epcId») Long id);

But it didn’t work as I expected, since the method findEpcsByEpcId gives me a list of Epc but I’m interested in which one has been deleted.
So my question is if there is any way to know which node has been deleted in case I’m using Spring Data REST with Spring Data?


Yes, this is possible. You can do so by setting the return value of the path to epcs/:id to show the deleted node.
See the section in the docs for the info:
We plan to do that in the next major release.

No, not possible. This is due to multiple reasons.

JPA’s ID changes model based on the database/row id. So Spring Data REST maps the mapped entity to the database/row id.
Since Spring Data REST is using Spring’s RestDataSource and Spring’s RestTemplate, each node in the data to be returned for the path is evaluated as a resource and is mapped to the database row with its id.
Because of 2. Spring Data REST does not have a way of changing the returned data to a structured representation. It’s a simple resource after all.

More information about this can be found in the reference for the Spring Data Rest.

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